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Car Troubleshooting in Port au Prince

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To Port au Prince

February 16th, 2011

Woke up on the second day quickly settling into the Caribbean Rhythm, easily getting up around 7am, dosing till 8am, the tension of the Empire, and anxiety has left the body.  The present tense becomes more evident here.

Outside the door in Mama YaYi’s courtyard, you are greeted by  kids, diasporically these are scenes from memories of my Grandmother’s House, you know where all the cousins live, but the Kreyol version.

Mutal is the eldest.  He is sixteen and quickly becomes our Fonds Parisien Production Assistant.   This is when bring out the camera, Michel begins the on the spot camera workshops. The kids are hungry to learn, and it is really just as fun to show them the camera, and watch them go around taking pictures.

The Beautiful thing about cameras is that it is easy to communicate without language. Cameras it is so easy to communicate without language, …The kids laugh for my lack of Kreyol knowledge, and find it really funny.

First task is to get the Car that will allow us to move form the small town into Port au Prince, that will be able move around to document the various and many stories. First rule of Travelling Disporically is, support the local community.  Rent from family and friends living in the Island, direct the money into local hands.


Mama YaYi took us to catch the Tap Tap, to find workers building a Barbecue/Restaurant for very small Haitian town, not understanding the need for our winter skin’s need for the Tropical Sun, she informs us that we should sit in the shade, on the chairs the newly formed structure.

As a Diaspora Traveller, you will notices the similarities but at the same time the stark differences in throughout Diaspora… Everything is similar at it’s core,  but is played out with a slight twist. Here the Tap Tap replaces the Mini Vans, Maxi Taxis in my mind, comparisons to Barbados will be throughout my thoughts in this trip.

After seeing Tap Tap after Tap Tap full to the brim of people going to Port au Prince, we decide to wait for Bacon to bring the Car, due to all our gear, so we go back to the house to wait.…

We are now of to Port au Prince, pass the UN compounds, US embassy.  I try to sink as much visual information as I can, we reach Port au Prince.

As we get to the bank to get our budget for the upcoming week, the Car ends up not starting so the troubleshooting begins.  Port au Prince is all hills, this is the land of the mountains, and universe blessed us with placing the Gas station at the bottom of the hill where we were, so and with Michel’s skilled driving and  it wasn’t hard to find people to push, we jumped in and in neutral drove it and waited for a jump at the Gas Station.

Second Break down of the trip…we are now in Petionville a section of Port au Prince, this is a the wealthier part of the city, the perception is that there is only poverty in Haiti, but there is money up the mountains around Port au Prince, the higher you go the more wealth you will find. Sprinkled with NGO and Aid Workers. We are now stalled, this is where our day two ends, but the story of Haitian Ingenuity begins.

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Through Plane Windows- Diasporic Travels

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Through Plane Windows

February 15th, 2011


6:30am Taxi to JFK
Check in running on no running sleep makes at the Kiosk a little lathargic..

7:30am Security Check In
Computers go into bins, go through security ex-rays without shoes and I am reminded that we are indeed flying out of New York.

8:30am Gate 14
We board the plane. We enter, take our seats, the plane has a Diasporic feel, grandmothers, mothers, aunties amongst crying babies and Kreyol began to fill our ears.

9am Take Off
The plane takes off the lady beside me who spoke to me in Kreyol was quite nervous I try to comfort her with kind and reassuring looks. The Flight was filled with dreams, interrupted with horrible airplane food and attempts at writing.

1pm The Landing
The plane begins to descend into Toussaint L’Overture Airport, the Haitian Diaspora looks though Windows down to their home, past family and their story, all there down below in a place called Ayiti.

2pm At Immigration
When you travel Diasporically, you often will find a friend, or a some family connection which will speed the process along.

2:30pm Hectic Baggage Claim
Searching for bags while grandmothers with their big hats sit on chairs, baggage attendants scramble for bags.

3pm To Car
We walk through the parking Lot, kids along the gate yell at us unable to give in that way right now. Michel greets his school mate signs his gratitude in seeing him again, in your Diasporic travels gratitude in seeing past connections is a blessing. A very tall gentleman named Bacon, whose family is hosting as well as we are blessed to rent the car from.
In every Diasporic Travel story, you will connect with family, questions of who you related from, what part you from? This is the Haitian Diaporic Story.

5pm Mama YaYi House
We are staying at Fonds Parisien 20minutes away from the DR Border, 40mins from Port au Prince, just in time for the sunset through valley of the Mountains, as day turns to night the conversation comes out of the hill, Preacher from the Church up the gap. Drums magically bounce off the mountains to end of the first day en Ayiti.

Through the interactions of this Production, Michel Dessources Jr, Oja Vincent and Malinda Francis, two Haitians and a Bajan.

Diasporically Speaking.
Welcome to Ayiti.

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plugging my nose and jumping in…

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February 10, 2011

Fresh into 2011, I awoke up on Jan 1st in an induced flu state.  Therefore the next week was spent on Neo Citron,  in bed. Sometimes this is my only time to reflect. I began to think about the past year, which was haunted by an Earthquake dream which I had exactly a year before. This became a reality Jan 12, 2010, in Haiti.  Time alone with my thoughts, I convinced myself that I have been in a holding pattern. Had me tied to every story, all coverage done around Haiti, frustrated, that I wasn’t there.

This year I believe it is about action, and urgency that I haven’t felt as much as I have with the turning of the new year.

So here I am on the road, my road towards Haiti…

I hope you all follow, this production…

And ever be blessed for you feedback…

Thanks to supporters of the work that I do…

Welcome to Displacement Camps Production…(Working Title.)

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a docuvixen film  The Diaspora Travels: Haiti  The Diaspora Travels

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